Export Marketing

Export Marketing

Business & Company Marketing

IMP GLOBAL Management & Marketing Consultants undertake marketing and business consultancy for businesses in different sectors and industries requiring business marketing and consultancy services including local, national, international and global trading companies. These sectors include manufacturing, technology, retail, online retail, e-commerce, financial, leisure, entertainment, business services, software, charities, public sector, telecoms, B2B, B2C, education and trade.

As a marketing consultant I undertake regional, national, global and international internet marketing, SEO, search marketing, search engine optimization, development and design of websites, producing sales, promotional and merchandising material. With a wealth of business experience I can also offer business advice and management consultancy including operational management, preparing and managing budgets, financial planning, HR (Human Resources), recruitment, sales presentations and presenting and acquiring funding.

As a business consultant I provide business advice and business consulting you may need to improve your business. As I work with a large number of different businesses I can share with you what works and advise you on what doesn’t.

Guaranteed Marketing

If you are working hard and not quite achieving the results you wish for I can help! As I guarantee the work I do, this is a WIN-WIN situation for you. You can’t lose! If you don’t see a return on the investment you have made in increased sales and profits – you don’t pay – guaranteed. As well as this, all advice given is protected by Public Liability Insurance.

I can become your outsourced marketing department or outsourced marketing director, providing you with temporary marketing or interim marketing to assist in increasing sales with creative and innovative marketing, undertaking design of leaflets, brochures, sales letters, email marketing, exhibitions, website design and development.

IMP GLOBAL Management & Marketing Consultants is listed with Business Link in the marketing companies register as a quality assured service provider and do belong to the Institute of Business Consulting and bound by their code of conduct and a member of the FSB.

IMP Global

Marketing Consultancy / Marketing Agency / Marketing Company

  • Undertake a full business and company marketing review and give options of opportunities that maybe being missed with marketing solutions
  • Web design and manage websites to receive inquires through being ‘search engine friendly’ and making your customers warm to your services and products
  • SEO, internet marketing, web marketing and search marketing, achieving page one listings for UK regional, UK national, global and worldwide searches for international marketing opportunities
  • Market Research interviews with potential foreign buyers and agents, which often generate immediate sales opportunities.
  • Finding and winning the best agents, brokers and partners for your products. IMP GLOBAL’s foreign staff customarily interviews 20-30 prospective partners, then selects only the top performers.
  • Our unique Agent Selection Criteria enable us to identify the most effective agents in your field.
  • IMP GLOBAL ’s knowledge of foreign business allows us to negotiate the most favorable terms and contracts with these agents and brokers.
  • IMP GLOBAL can set up a ‘Direct Marketing Program’ that gives you direct control of buyer relationships, service quality, logistics and communications, all facilitated by IMP GLOBAL ‘s hands-on training of your sales staff.
  • Extensive action plans with step by step directives for every phase of your export operation to eliminate most missteps and losses.
  • Our proven Agent Performance Systems provide standards and procedures for your agent’s sales representatives, including steps for making effective presentations, follow-up and closing orders.
  • IMP GLOBAL ’s foreign sales staff can even handle all your marketing and operations for you if you prefer a totally hands-off operation.
  • Article writing, link building, blogs, social network sites, page rank development to secure high rankings for your keyword searches
  • Making use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, how to market using these types of mediums and how to use these to connect with your customers
  • Convert more inquiries into more sales
  • Produce email marketing letters, direct mail letters, brochures and leaflets that people will read and respond to
  • Develop a sales strategy to increase sales per campaign
  • Help you on how to follow up leads and turn these into sales
  • Produce news items for the press to use, so potential customers learn about you and your successes through regular PR
  • Make your business stand out from the competition
  • Help you to gain the most out of networking and exhibitions
  • Help you to gain major contracts and build relationships with large company buyers
  • Marketing experts so you stay ahead of the competition and become the leading business in your market place
  • Competitor Research
  • Market research and develop new marketing opportunities

If you are looking to increase your presence and your sales, then I’d recommend you give him a call

Export Marketing

Website Design, Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing

Want to be on Page 1 of Google? This website is and I can do the same for you. Is your website getting enough visitors? Have you got a website? If not I can re-design and re-word your current website to become search engine friendly and for your customers to feel happy and confident to contact you through visiting your website. If you haven’t a website as part of the marketing work I can do for you is build you a website that will appear when customers search for your products or services. I have had great success in managing many different types of business websites, and achieving high rankings. This website features on first or second page for many relevant keyword searches such as – Marketing Consultant, Business Consultant, Small Business Consultant, Marketing Consultancy, Outsourced Marketing, Marketing Company, Marketing Consultants, Business Consultants and Business Marketing see the Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing page for more information. Online advertising (Adwords) on all major search engines can be prepared and I can manage your campaign so you get maximum sales benefit and provide you with regular reports on how your website is performing.

Having a top page ranking has just multiplied our sales – wish we’d found you years ago.

How Much Do You Charge For SEO?

Pricing depends on the industry and competitiveness of the search terms relating to your business – please call me or email me for a quote – at no obligation and no hard sell. I’ll just contact you once with the information, it is up to you whether you wish to employ me or not. You should think of SEO as an investment and a high ranking website near enough guarantees a sales pipeline, just think of your own searching experience, but also along with this a high ranking website can add value to your company as an asset.

Business Mentor or Business Coach

In the role of business mentor or business coach I can give you one to one support. With a broad scope of experience and many years working as small business consultants plus 20 years of managing different multi-site businesses with annual turnovers of 20 million plus. Every business has different issues that need to be tackled, marketing of the business is usually first followed by staffing, business processes and cash flow, all need solutions and experience brings knowledge. As I work with different businesses at different stages of development and growth I have a wide knowledge of what works best, improves sales, motivation, staff retention, business processes and also save you money. I am also part of a wide network of confirmed professional associates which can be recommended if specialist knowledge is required.

Finance and Funding

I have successfully written business plans and financial forecasts and presented these to gain commercial and unsecured funding investment from government agencies. So if you are in need of funding, finance or seeking a grant for a new or an established business, my wide circle of contacts and experience will be able to source grants and funding. My assistance can help you with management accounts and P&L information to assist you in understanding:

  • How your business is doing, day by day to year by year with profit and loss accounts
  • Where you can be more efficient, save time or money and contribute more to your profits
  • Export finance(Packing credit limit)/Pre-shipment Finance etc.

Sales are up and customer traffic to the web site continues to increase week by week

Creative and Low Cost Marketing Ideas

In business it is quite often not so much how many ideas you have but how many of these happen, and especially for the small business. Time is the enemy of business, enough hours in the day, are there enough in a week or a month? Many of the businesses I work with know they should be doing something to improve their competitive edge but it is having the time to do it. Do you do your own accounts? You’ll use an accountant to do that and hopefully they’ll save you some money at the year end! So why not use a specialist to help to grow your business? Unlike your accountant I’ll guarantee to put more money in your pocket! It’s not how many ideas you have but rather how many you make happen

Competitors and Market Research

Competitors and Market Research

How much do you know about your competitors? Who gets the biggest slice of the pie – them or you? Why is that? How much do you know about your competitors? Are you using all the competitive advantages you have? These are all questions I can provide answers and strategies to. I’ll undertake competitor surveys and research your market place; it is often quite surprising what can be unearthed which becomes the quick win. This information is critical and will give your business the competitive edge. My range of market research can include commercial viability, competitor research and customer research. My customer research can include face to face and online research.

Business Systems and Processes

Working with a large number of different businesses I can provide you with ‘best practice’ ideas – a wealth of knowledge of what works best, what’s been tried before and what are the most cost effective, time effective and quality assured systems to use.

Just as e-commerce as opened local and national markets to any company, so too has it opened international markets to companies with the foresight, patience and willingness to follow best practices to capture those markets. Unlike a typical e-commerce site, an international e-commerce web site strategy should be a cross-functional project to ensure success. The following considerations typically apply:

  • In what countries / languages can you sell your product profitably?
  • What countries / languages have customers interested in your product?
  • What model is preferable – direct selling to end users or selling to dealers/distributor?
  • How much of your web site content should you translate?
  • At what point does it make sense to tweak your brand to meet local tastes?
  • How will you ship products?
  • What types of payment should you accept?
  • What are the sales taxes and laws governing collection of those taxes?
  • What regulations govern the international shipment or sale of your product (in either the target country or your home country)?
  • How will you handle product returns?
  • Will you offer documentation and support in that language?
  • What online marketing and advertising opportunities should you utilize to spread the word about the e-commerce web site?
  • What other marketing strategies (e.g., affiliate programs, blogs, discounts / promotions) are appropriate given the market, local customs and laws?